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v     "Quick Turn" (1 day – 5 days) capability for prototype or pre-production requirements, in addition to our standard lead-time of 3 weeks.  Single/Double Sided boards can be built in under 12 hours!

v      High quality single, double and multi-layered printed circuit board designs.  

v      Provide 1 to 16 layer board builds.

v      Prototype through high volume production quantities. No minimum quantity required.  

v      Line widths and spacing down to .004". Hole sizes to down to .007".

v      U.L. recognized printed circuit board manufacturer. U.L. file number E109434.

v      CAD/CAM pre-production engineering to ensure accuracy and manufacturability of your design.

v      24-hour data transfer via email (sales@trc-circuits.com). 

v      Complete bare board electrical testing.  

v      SMOBC with Liquid Photo Imagable Soldermask, Entek or SR1010 mask.

v    FR4, FR406, (Teflon®), Rogers, G-Tek, CAF, Polyimide are common 
laminates available.  RoHS Compliant IS410.

v     Finishes available are Hot Air Solder Level and RoHS Complaint finishes, 
Immersion Tin, Gold, Immersion Gold,
Immersion Silver, and Organic coating.

v      Scoring and intricate N/C routing plus PCB panelization.

v      Blind and buried vias.

TRC offers Manufacturing Services, Engineering Services, Test Services and Photoplotting Services to the printed circuit board world and other industries.


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