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Testing Services

  • 1-up, Array and Panel test
  • Maximum Panel size 18x24
  • Standard and special finish considerations
  • Stretching Frame for testing thin core, flex and inner layers
  • Quick Frame to prove productivity by allowing rigid boards to be changed very quickly as well as mounting multiple boards in frame

Data Preperation:UCAM
Data Preparation using world-class netlist and test point generation algorithms from the highly proven Ucam family

Verifying errors:FaultStation3
We pinpoint faults offline and repair them with Mania's Fault Station 3 software.

LOC8 specifications:

Bare board testing involves using capacitance and resistance tests; each of our machines uses a combination of both. Capacitance testing for a bare board involves testing for opens and shorts by "charging" a net or plane and then probing each net to measure the induced capacity. Inaccuracies occur with this method because of the inherent variability in producing circuit boards. However field measurement or field effect testing for shorts uses a very similar approach.

Resistance testing measures the resistance found in the net. As electric current flows through a conductor collisions between electrons and atoms interfere with the flow of the electrons. This is known as resistance and it's measured in ohms.

A good conductor has LOW resistance - at common temperatures silver is the best conductor and copper is second. The amount of resistance depends on the conductor's length and its cross-sectional area. If you have two circuits of the same material and the same cross-section and one is twice as long as the other - the longer one has TWICE as much resistance. If you have two circuits of the same material and the same length but one is twice as thick as the other - the thicker conductor will have HALF the resistance.

So Resistance is proportional to length and inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of a conductor and dissipates power in the form of heat.

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